Talk about odd timing. Today Qualcomm gave information about their Quick Charge 1.0 system, a method by which modern smartphones can re-charge up to 40% faster than predecessors.

Qualcomm also provided a list of 70 supported devices and yes, the HTC 8S, 8X, Samsung ATIV S and Nokia Lumia 820, 822, 920 and 920T (China) are all also on board. It’s a neat and subtle feature that’s all part of the new Snapdragon chipset, requiring no new hardware—basically if you own one of these phones, you already have it and have been using it.

At least they didn't tell us our smartphones are made out of people.

If you’re wondering why devices like the Samsung ATIV Odyssey, Lumia 810, 620 or other Windows Phone may not be on that list, there could be two reasons: Either Qualcomm omitted them from the presser, only wanting to highlight some phones or the feature was omitted.

Like most SoC (System on Chip), the Snapdragon has features that can be enabled or disabled according to the OEM's request. The reason for not turning them on is simply cost:  every item you “turn on” requires more money. In order to keep costs down, some lower-end or mid-range phones may omit certain features e.g. gyroscope or compass.

Evidently Qualcomm "obtained this technology through the acquisition of Summit Microelectronics in June of last year". Regardless, why bring up Quick Charge *1.0* now, just weeks before Mobile World Congress? Hopefully we just drew you a connection.

Source: Qualcomm