Turning to other matters today, it looks like the silicon maker ST-Ericsson will soon be a thing of the past, or at least significantly de-fanged.  The company is now set to be broken up with employee layoffs and the remaining legacy continuing as STMicro.

This is relevant only because back in 2011, ST-Ericsson publicly claimed a deal with Nokia to help supply their chipsets on their emerging line of low-cost Windows Phones. Indeed, their NovaThor chipset was supposed to rival that of Qualcomm, who has had a dominant role with Windows Phones from its inception.

The idea that ST-Ericsson would compete with Qualcomm (and eventually NVIDIA) is enticing only because competition is good for the platform. But evidently that deal between Nokia and ST-Ericsson was either over-hyped or never materialized, because the company is now no more.

NVIDIA roadmap
Where art thou, Windows Phone? (NVIDIA)

Speaking of NVIDIA, the last we heard from them on Windows Phone was a leaked roadmap (that eventually went public) noting that they were on board for 2013 with their Tegra/Icera combo "Grey" chipset. But that was two years ago and we have heard not a single bit of information regarding that chipset nor NVIDIA making any SoC for Windows Phone OEMs. Indeed, at this point, we’d be very doubtful of that coming to fruition.

With ST-Ericsson out and NVIDIA still MIA that only leaves Qualcomm to continue to dominate the SoC that powers Windows Phones.

Source: Reuters