Silver Island Media is offering the Windows Phone 7 game Quantum Jump over at the Marketplace. It's an interesting game but maybe not for everyone.

The object of the game is to jump your character (a little green alien) up the screen from landing pad to landing pad. Along the way you can collect bonuses and extra items that will give your character an advantage or earn you bonus points. You navigate your character while it's jumping by tilting your Windows Phone. The game uses your phones accelerometer to steer the direction the alien is jumping.

It takes a little while to get used to the movement and with only one life, this can be frustrating. However, the frustration keeps you coming back just to prove to yourself that you can get it right.  The graphics and animation are nice. Hints will pop up from time to time to explain what the bonus landing pads will do but not consistently.  There are a few dangers but these weren't labeled and can be a little surprising.

The game ran smoothly with no bugs, crashes or glitches experienced while playing. The game has potential but that "addictive" quality is hard to achieve when your character has only one life and you don't have a clear picture to distinguish bonuses from dangers.  Also, the map your progressing through is endless. If Quantum Jump had stages or levels to work through, it might be more appealing.

Quantum Jump is running $.99 and you can find your copy here (opens your Zune desktop).