We present to you Quask from Skyboost. Quask is a question-answer app for your Windows Phone that responds to questions that are entered via the keyboard or submitted by voice. Quask will then try to answer your question audibly.

If Quask can not find the answer, it replies "I don't know". You also get the result "I did not understand the question" when your voice isn't picked up right or the question is vague (e.g what is the biggest fish). It was rather disappointing that some of the simplest questions stumped Quask. For example, "what is the capital of Georgia?" yielded the response, "I don't know".

Quask sounds like an interesting app but falls a little short on expectations. Especially when you have voice searches available for BING. In tinkering with Quask, the keyboard is the best means to entering questions. Voice entries require you to press the "speak" button and then again to stop the entry. BING waits for that pregnant pause and automatically closes the recording.

Another downside to Quask is that there is no way to repeat the answer other than repeating the question. With BING you have the results listed on the screen and the back button sends you back to them. Quask really needs a repeat answer button.

I will give kudos to Quask in that if you're only looking for the answer, such an app could come in handy. With BING, you may find your answer listed amongst the website results but then again, you may have to do some digging.

Quask isn't a bad concept but the delivery fell a little short.  If Quask could improve the voice entry, the accuracy of results, and add a repeat answer button it would noticeably improve. As is, I'd have to stick with BING.  Unfortunately, there is no trial version available for Quask and the full version runs $1.99. You can find Quask here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.