Quick Easy Note by Erlensoft is a temporary note taking app for your Windows Phone. Designed to jot down short notes that you don't need to save for prolonged use. Notes such as phone numbers, your parking space number, a car tag, or other bits of information you need to preserve for a short period.

Your notes are saved automatically when you exit Quick Easy Note and will remain in the text field when you re-launch the app. Once you've transferred the information or no longer need it, a clear text command is in the pull up menu. I could see Quick Easy Note being useful for shopping lists that you don't necessarily need to save and would discard when you are finished shopping.

There are two versions of Quick Easy Note, a free version that is ad supported and a non-ad supported version that will run you $.99. You can find the free version here (opens Zune) and the paid version here at the Marketplace.