We've (somewhat infamously) laid a bit of hateration on the Internet Explorer Mobile 6 on the Sprint Treo Pro.  Truth be told, if you can set aside or otherwise manage its heavy memory usage, it actually does quite well at rendering pages accurately.  We also have higher-than-you-might-expect hopes for IE6 on Windows Mobile 6.5 (more on that in a later post).

One of the hassles with IE6 on the Sprint Treo Pro is navigation, moving that little pointer around to find links and scroll pages can become quite a chore with the Treo Pro's D-Pad. There's a 'nuclear option' for dealing with that, namely rolling back some of IE6's interface 'improvements' with a registry hack that makes it behave like IE5 Mobile.  That's not really an ideal solution, however, even with the convenient (and clever!) cab file that automatically toggles between the two modes from CodyPPC.  

Lucky for us, Marc has emailed in this non-obvious tip: use the spacebar!  You can hit the spacebar solo to scroll down a full page.  Another option: hit Shift + Space either together or serially to hop down to the next link.  If you're wondering, both spacebar methods also work on the GSM version of the Treo Pro as well.

Sprint Treo Pro owners: How's IE6 Mobile treating you these days?

Thanks for the tip, Marc!