Rad Now! is a carry over from the Windows Mobile days and the Windows Phone version just got a nice update. For those not familiar with Rad Now!, it is a weather radar app. Nothing more, nothing less.

The update brings a cleaner looking version of Bing Maps into the mix as well as what seems to be better integration with your Windows Phone location services. When you launch Rad Now!, it centers the map closer to your current location.  While I used to see all of the Southeastern States, the update's view is more centered on Alabama.

A little red beacon is now in place that  will flash on the map to indicate where you are in the big scheme of things.  While Rad Now! has always used your phone's location services, the update gives you the ability to turn that feature off.

You still have options to animate the radar, set the opacity level, switch between hybrid and street maps and choose between 5 and 15 frame rates.  Radar animations also seem to load a little quicker with the update.  Oh, the update also brings a cleaner looking tile to the mix.  If you need a simple, clean looking weather radar app, Rad Now! is a must have app for your Windows Phone.

Rad NOW! is a free, ad-free app for your Windows Phone and you can download the updated version here (opens Zune) at the Marketplace.

Thanks goes out to Shipwreck for the tip!