Rainbow Six Siege

Just a few days before Ubisoft releases Rainbox Six: Siege to stores, PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers will be able to try out a portion of the tactical shooter during its open beta test. Ubisoft will hold the beta from November 25-29.

Pre-loading for the open beta will begin on Nov. 23 and people who got to play in the closed beta test earlier this year will get to play the content in the open beta one day early on Nov. 24. It will include access to 14 of Rainbow Six: Siege's 20 operators, along with three maps (Hereford, House and Kanal) that can each be played in day and night mode. The modes in the open beta will include the Secure Area and Bomb PvP modes and the Disarm Bomb PvE Terrorist Hunt mode.

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Source: Ubisoft

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