We've heard a lot about Microsoft and their "3 screens" idea for the future--specifically that you will interact primarily with your TV (Xbox), PC (Windows) and phone (Windows Phone) and that software should be interchangeable and seamless between the three platforms.

RC-AirSim, a cool little remote plane game, is one of the first to reach all three mediums, offering users the ability to have the same exact experience on their TV, phone or PC (well, the Xbox technically has some better graphics options, but still). The Xbox version has been out since 2009 and at that time had over a quarter million downloads, making quite the XNA hit. The game actually looks like it could be quite a blast and it's nice to see that even small developers can quickly code a game for all, with little hassle.

RC-AirSim goes for $2.99 on Windows Phone, but there's a free "lite" version as well. It goes for 240 points($3) on Xbox here and for PC here for $8.95. Of course that's the rub--as of now, if you want all three version,s you'll be dropping $15--which admittedly is not much, but not ideal either.  And as of now, there's no continuous game play, which hopefully we'll see some day. Read more at the RC-AirSim page.

via: The Windows Phone Guy who also made the above video; Thanks, Rob L., for the tip!