First impressions are everything and Windows Phone has that covered. It’s by far one of the most unique and beautiful operating systems at first glance. Its beauty is also more than skin deep, spend a few minutes playing around and you’ll know something is different about it. Albert Shum recently sat down with Jay Greene at CNET to talk Windows Phone and design.

Who is Albert Shum? He’s the man in charge of the Windows Phone Design Team. You can thank him and his team every time you press the power button (or double tap in the near future) and start the journey from lockscreen to live tiles. The profile at CNET is worth reading if you want some background information on some key figures behind the design and function of your killer phones.  

The profile they paint of Shum is exactly what you’d expect from someone instrumental in bringing Windows Phone to fruition. I won’t spoil the story, but it involves working at Nike, the Courier, and Zune. Read the rest at the source below and see how Shum is weaving creative thinking with engineering.

Source: CNET

(Regarding that image above, we all know it's 'Metro' deep down.Shh, don't tell Microsoft)