We've been reading predictions from marketing moguls for weeks saying that in X number of years Windows Phones will overtake everyone other smartphone on the market (such as this one from Pyramid). Obviously we here at WPCentral are rather fond of such predictions but the 2011 PCMag Reader's Choice Awards may lend a little credence to all those predictions.

The publication polls readers on various technology issues, including mobile phones. They are asked to rank products and services on about fifteen different categories and with regards to AT&T Smartphones, the Samsung Focus beat the Apple iPhone out for the top spot. The Focus scored a 8.7 overall score while the iPhone came in with an 8.4. The Focus's overall score beat out other carrier smartphones save one, the Verizon iPhone which it tied.

Okay... granted (as far as the AT&T phones go) only 92 respondents ranked the Focus and over 2,300 rated the iPhone but doesn't that support the findings? That more Samsung Focus owners are satisfied with their product than iPhone users?

Another winner in the PCMag awards was Windows Phone 7.  It ranked second overall amongst the smartphone operating systems, only .3 points behind Apple iOS.

Could this be the beginning of the rise to market domination for Windows Phone? Or just a strong indication that those of us who have chosen Windows Phones are very pleased with our choice?

Source: PCMag; via WMPoweruser