Popular Reddit app for the Windows platform Readit has received quite the update. While this release – bumping the app up to version – does not bring substantial changes to the table, the developers have worked on numerous improvements and optimizations across the board.

Here are the improvements and changes that version brings to the store:

  • The refresh buttons for inbox and profiles now actually works (they never did apparently)
  • Add/remove friends from profiles
  • Fixed backwards navigation to a subreddit not updating the sidebar
  • Fixed settings not saving

If you're rocking the Windows desktop/tablet app:

  • Desktop has been brought up to date will all bug fixes and minor changes. None of the mobile-specific changes will really apply though.
  • This update brings the live tile data to the desktop/tablet version
  • You should no longer lose accounts/settings
  • New album viewer

And should you be on mobile:

  • Conversation view for message conversations is now optimized for mobile
  • The send button for conversations has been moved to the appbar for mobile
  • The refresh button for the inbox has been moved to the appbar for mobile
  • Added an appbar to profiles for adding/removing friends and refreshing data
  • "Auto-hide menu" setting is now hidden for mobile due to it not being applicable

You'll be able to take advantage of the improvements made to Readit by downloading the official app using the link below.

Download Readit

QR: Readit

Via: WinBeta

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