Readit, one of the most popular third-party Reddit clients for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, got a big update this week. The new version now adds jump lists on the desktop version of the app, allowing for faster access to a user's favorite subreddit threads.

Readit Jumplist

Here's a look at the change log for the new version:

General Additions

  • Jump lists are now supported for desktop. Favorites are added as a group and synced to that list for quick access.
  • You can now set the flair of your own submissions (mobile: use the post content appbar menu, desktop: use the ellipsis menu of a post)
  • The flair dropdown now shows (cssclass) - (default text/current text) when choosing flairs
  • The random NSFW button will no longer appear when you have hide all nsfw content enabled in settings
  • Updated the desktop titlebar based on /u/PhilDunphy23's concept

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spoiler parsing and "title" parsing of links
  • Fixed reverse spoiler bug when a spoiler didn't have a "title"
  • Flair images for comments are back
  • Fixed the link identifier icons setting not being respected
  • Fixed click + drag to select comment text - you can no longer click + drag to vote - only supports touchscreen manipulations now (kinda makes sense anyways)
  • The jump to subreddit textbox no longer autocorrects/spellchecks when typing
  • Fixed old comment sort not being available for mobile

Download Readit for Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile

QRL Readit

Via: Reddit

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