Yesterday we covered the $100 challenge happening here at CES 2012. Basically, you can challenge Ben "the PC Guy" Rudolph from Microsoft to a speed test with your current phone versus his HTC TITAN. The task involves any "everyday" type of action that regular users may attempt and has resulted in quite a lot of media coverage due to its ingenuity.


Now Microsoft has put up the fruit of their labor by showcasing all the challenges from yesterday in a great montage. Needless to say, it is quite inspiring and humorous to watch.

We met up with Ben yesterday and watched a few of these challenges. Everyone was certainly having fun and the fanboyism was no where to be seen--just good, honest competition with everyone being a fair sport. We asked Ben if this would be a regular event but it looks like it might not be--the longer this is out there, the more people can game the system (including potentially scripts and custom ROM advantages, which takes the "regular user" dynamic out of the equation).

Ben Rudolph's shirt. Punk yeah!

Speaking of, we may send Phil over from Android Central to see if he can best Ben and his phone. So far though, the only winner has been an iPhone 4s and no Androids.

Thanks, Vernon S., for the tip!