Reddunt, a Reddit app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile based on the popular Baconit, has been updated with Xbox One support alongside a major bug fix and smattering of improvements. Aside from coming to the Xbox One, the latest update brings the app to version and fixes a major bug that prevented large pictures from resizing for the app.

Reddunt for Reddit adds Xbox One support alongside smattering of improvements

Here's a full log of what's new and fixed in Reddunt version

  • Italian translation
  • Fixed a super major and old bug, that when you see big pictures, it wasn't resizing to the actual size of the app. See here:
  • If you are commenting, and type S, everything will work as it should, won't open search anymore!
  • Improved PT-BR translations
  • Improved scroll support for mice, without scroll wheel
  • Improved UI. Tittle font is now bigger, and more black in the app.
  • Xbox One support!

If you're looking forward to checking Reddunt out on Xbox One, do note that the app currently uses a mouse emulator for interaction. The developer behind Reddunt does note that a new UI for the Xbox version of the app is in the works that should address this.

In the meantime, Reddunt version should be available to download in the Windows Store, though it may take some time to populate. Likewise, we aren't seeing the app in the Xbox One Store just yet, so it will likely take time to populate there as well.

Download Reddunt from the Windows Store

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