ReddX for Xbox One bumped to version 1.1, picks up requested features, paid option

If browsing Reddit on your Xbox One is one of your favorite pastimes, you'll be happy to know that ReddX snagged an update to version 1.1 today. In doing so, it has picked up a number of new features that were commonly requested, such as expanding and collapsing comment threads, easier browsing of subreddits, and a new paid "ReddX Plus" that does away with the ads.

From Reddit:

"What's new? We listened to tons of feedback and tried to address the most requested features. First off, you can now select links inside of comments and bring up the content inside of the app the same way posts are viewed. Speaking of comments, you can now expand and collapse comment threads with ease." Want to see some different subreddits? No problem! Now you can subscribe, unsubscribe, browse popular subreddits, and even search for the subreddit of your choice.

Additionally, you can now watch videos full screen, rather than the 2/3 coverage that was previously available.

ReddX is also available to in a whole host of new countries:

"Most importantly, we would also like to give a warm welcome to the redditors from the UK, Ireland, Czech Republic, Isreal, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India!"

Finally, if ads are getting on your nerves, you now have the option of purchasing ReddX Plus for a one-time fee of $2.99. As an added bonus, new international users from the countries listed above can grab a 1-week free trial of ReddX Plus.

Source: Reddit