We reviewed the Redfly. The folks in our store dropped the price on it down to $399.95. We opened up Developer Forums for y'all to speak to the folks at Celio about the Redfly directly. Now, we're announcing the winners our our Redfly Giveaway contest!

Big Congratulations go out to waldo15, whose post was drawn randomly from all the entries and who now is going to have a Redfly shipped out, courtesy of Celio:

Redfly will help me in many ways:
- I can now ditch my laptop when traveling for leisure. Seriously, when on vacation my phone is perfect for doing what I want: email, web browsing, casual gaming
- It can help me type longer emails and maybe a document or two, I mean there's only so much one can handle typing on a Tilt keyboard...
- I will finally look at Lolcat pictures in my phone in high resolution glory!

We also have ten runners-up, who each will receive a Redfly long-sleeve t-shirt. We'll list them after the break. Congratulations to all of our winners (check your inboxes and maybe your spam boxes, since “WINNER!” tends to set those filters off).

(Update and a p.s. - if you're looking to score more Windows-Mobile-related software, hit up our buddies over at Tilt Mobility - they're celebrating their grand opening. Welcome to the blog-o-tubes, guys!)


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Congrats again!