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Microsoft plans to release a new update for its Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone sometime today that will add a number of new features and improvements.

In a blog post, Microsoft says the update will add a way "to access the Fn keys as part of the extended keyboard", along with a link to recommend new features in the app's About page. The blog added:

"With today's update, you will not be required to press the Back button twice to disconnect the session and go back to the Connection Center. Instead, pressing back once will return to the Connection Center but will leave the session active. Tapping the same desktop tile will quickly jump back in the session while tapping on a different desktop will disconnect the existing session and connect to the new desktop."

Finally, the update will allow Windows Phone 8.1 users with Cortana to add a new desktop connection by saying, "Remote Desktop add [a] [new] desktop." What do you think about these additions to Remote Desktop?

Source: Microsoft


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