Windows Phone Blue

Today, leakster Twitter account @evleaks revealed the codenames of two upcoming Nokia Windows Phones, the "Goldfinger" and "Moneypenny." As well as these new smartphones, Nokia is also reported to be working on "3D Touch," utilising hardware sensors to enable you to manipulate things on-screen through gestures. Similar to what you can do already with Nokia Glance

Samsung already has this technology included on Android smartphones in the form of gesture support, and it's believed 3D Touch will be sported by these Windows Phone 8.1 handsets. See the gesture support for Nokia Glance in the below video:

The Verge understands that Goldfinger will be the flagship model of the two Windows Phones, shipping with the technology that has been in development for some time. Sources familiar with Nokia plans have revealed that owners will be able to interact with the Windows Phone by making hand gestures above and to the side of the device.

These gestures would include "scrolling and flipping," enabling you to navigate through the OS without physically touching the display. Both Microsoft and Nokia are reported to have been testing Windows Phone 8.1, which could also include trials of the 3D Touch tech. We'll have to see what both companies unveil when announcements are made in the future.

Update: @Nawzil8 has published the below patent diagram on Twitter, showing the company working on touch screen hover tech.

Nokia Touch Screen Hover Patent

Source: Twitter (@evleaks), The Verge