Lumia 535

Over 500,000 units of the first Microsoft-branded Windows Phone, the Lumia 535, have shipped to India so far, according to a new report. The smartphone first went on sale in that country in late November.

According to the import analyst website Zauba, 502,468 units of the 5-inch Lumia 535 have been shipped from China to India. The report shows that nearly half of those shipments, 237,040 units have occurred in January. The price of the phone is ₹9,199 ($150). Of course, these are shipment numbers as opposed to actual sales reports for the Lumia 535.

Microsoft included a number of special offers for buyers of the Lumia 535 in India, including ₹,500 worth of free eBooks from Flipkart, two months of a BoxTV subscription worth ₹720 and more.

The bigger question though is what do these numbers mean? Out of context, they do not in and of themselves tell us a lot. Is half a million imports of the Lumia 535 a lot for India for a phone of this type - or a little?

Initial adoption rates of the Lumia 535 do tend to err on the higher side with the new budget phone already capturing 4.1% of the Windows Phone market share (Source: AdDuplex, December 2014]. In that sense, the Lumia 535 already matches the older Lumia 530. The Lumia 535 may be catching on, so for now, we'll sit on these shipment numbers and hold on to them for more information.

Source: Zauba; Via: NPU