Surface RT

AdDuplex, which issues a monthly report on the state of the Windows Phone hardware ecosystem, also tries to collect information on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows RT devices, but not as frequently. Today, it posted their latest statistics on the Windows 8 family of hardware products, and it shows that the nearly two year old Surface RT tablet from Microsoft remains the number most used devices for that operating system family.

The in-app advertising company collected data from 941 Windows Store apps running its SDK on September 22. The numbers show that the Surface RT, which was launched alongside Windows 8 in October 2012, is still on top worldwide with 9.82 percent. In a distant second is the year old Surface 2 with 2.41 percent, followed by the HP Pavilion 15 with 2.37 percent. the Asus Transformer Book T100 with 2.18 percent and the Dell Inspiron 3521 with 1.47 percent.


While Microsoft was once on top of AdDuplex's Windows 8 hardware companies, today's report shows that it has slipped to number four, behind HP, Dell and Asus and ahead of Lenovo and Acer. And what about the Surface Pro 3? the 12-inch tablet launched in June but AdDuplex's data shows that it is already the ninth most used Windows 8 device worldwide. It has already overtaken the Surface Pro 2 worldwide and is just behind the original Surface Pro. In the US, the Surface Pro 3 is ahead of both devices.

Why do you think the old Surface RT remains a popular tablet for Windows 8/8.1/RT users?

Source: AdDuplex