Although numbers are hard to come by, a blog post from online retailer MobilePlease shines some light on the poor sales of Windows Phone 7 so far.  In the post, the large online retailer gives some details:

Windows Phone 7 has got off to a sluggish start as far as our customers are concerned, accounting for just 3% of smartphone sales and a little under 2% of overall sales through and our network of partner sites that share our data feed.

They then go on to mention how Symbian is still outselling WP7 3:1 and that overall, interest is low, even when they asked "a few local high street mobile phone retailers, both network owned and independent" their thoughts.

Granted, it is still very early in the game and we believe Microsoft has some room here to gain momentum. There's also the larger question if these stats represent the overall market, but even if they're not 100% accurate, it's a startling trend nonetheless. But Microsoft really does have an image problem to get over and only time, exposure and good word of mouth will make this happen. Oh, and that rumored January update may go a very long way, assuming it is accurate.

Source; Blog MobilesPlease; via Computer World & Electronista