Lumia Denim

Earlier this morning, the Lumia Denim update began rolling out in China for numerous Lumia phones. A bit later, Microsoft published a video detailing the how to get the update on their YouTube channel (it was posted earlier on their support site). Now, Windows Central is receiving reports from users that Lumia Denim is rolling out on a broader scale.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not made an official announcement about the update, unlike Nokia in the past. Likewise, the official update page does not yet reflect the Lumia Denim update, making verification a problem. The third issue is there is a bug with Extras + Info that causes false-positives for the Lumia Denim update. All three are making this job of verifying the true Lumia Denim update slightly challenging.

Having said that, this is what we have heard from users so far:

  • Brazil: Lumia 720 (from Gabriel S.)
  • Egypt: Lumia 520, 620 and 1320 (from Abdelrahman A.)
  • Germany: Lumia 625 (from Valentina S.)
  • Poland: Lumia 625 on T-Mobile (from @Deepy93)
  • Romania: Lumia 520 country-variant (from Baiar A.)

To reiterate, we have not been able to verify any of the above reports, so please take this with caution. However, we are seeing a rather unusual level of tips on this update, leading us to believe there is some truth here.

For now, treat as rumor until something more official is announced. Remember, unless your phone actively downloaded an update that required a restart and migration of data, then you may just have the Denim bug.

Lumia Denim is expected to bring the new Lumia Camera update with Rich Capture, 4K video recording, 'Hey Cortana' with passive voice, and more.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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