Hat tip to Solsie on this one, Resco is offering their "Table Soccer" game for WM Professional VGA and QVGA devices (no WM Standard, sorry!) completely free till March 12th, so hop on over to grab yourself a copy! I mean, it's free...if it's terrible, feel free to comment on that below ;-P

From Resco:

Table soccer is a fast addictive game which will test your speed and skills. You can play a fast match with your favourite team or an entire championship. In online championships you can upload your score to the Resco server and compete with other players from around the globe to win great prizes. The basic version offers 20 national teams, 3 unique tables and 3 championships. After registering you can download additional teams, tables and championships. Watch the Table Soccer website, to obtain the most recent updates which you can download using the