Nokia Lumia 825

Update 8:15PM: Windows Phone Central can now confirm a few things about this story. The phablet will be a 6 inch, 1080p, quad core device with gdr3 and a 20MP camera. It will be reportedly very thin with a slight camera hump akin to the Lumia 925. The tablet, a separate device, will be RT based.

We have it on good authority that Nokia is planning an event for the end of next month. It’s expected to take place in New York City over two days, September 26th and the 27th. What’s happening? We’ve seen leaks for a Nokia branded tablet running Windows RT, but we’ve also heard rumors of larger smartphones on the horizon.

Sources with Reuters are backing up that idea of a “phablet” coming soon.

Reuters is saying that at that September event in NYC we will see a new large screened Windows Phone finally announced. Phablets, as you know, are those devices that technically you’d consider a smartphone, but they’re so big they straddle the boundary into small tablet land. Which means we’d be seeing GDR3 at the end of September too. Why?

A device between 5 to 6 inches has a pretty big screen. Samsung is fairly dominant in this market with their Galaxy Note lineup of devices, which support screens with resolutions of 1080p. We’ve long heard that GDR3, the next update for Windows Phone, will bring support for device resolutions with 1080p. So could this device coming be the rumored Lumia 825 with a 5-inch display, quad-core processor, and 1080p screen? Possible.

We’ll off course be on hand in New York next month to bring you guys and gals all the details around the event and future products.

Source: Reuters