Foursquare app for Windows Phone 8

Back at Mobile World Congress, we gave you a demonstration of the new, redesigned foursquare app for Windows Phone 8. Co-developed with the fine folks at Nokia, the app looks amazingly fast and fluid and needless to say, our mouth’s were watering.

The app was given a fuzzy release window of March, but that was assuming it was ready for the Store (a few other apps have yet to come out too that were shown off). Obviously that time has come and gone, which can only mean it’s still not ready yet.

Now, one of our readers has gone and asked Nokia support and Foursquare about the app only to have a response from Holger Luedorf. Who’s Luedor? Why he’s involved with Business Development at Foursquare, meaning he’d have some inside knowledge on the matter. His response to reader Brandon Powell was:

“Start getting excited!  You are in for a treat!...Just be a little more patient.  Wouldn't want to give away the surprise.”

If we had to put two and two together, we’d say Nokia and Foursquare were going to pull the wraps off of the app come May 14th. After all, that’s just two weeks away and why not make a big splash for a big name app that is getting a big deal makeover, amirite?

Actually, we’re pretty sure that’s what’s going to happen, so the only question that remains is what other tricks does Nokia have up their sleeves?

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Brandon, for the info!