Like word challenges? If so, Astraware may have a new game that's just the ticket. Bubble Shuffle is an under water themed word challenge where you find yourself present with a group of letters that you have to create words from. The entry level offers you four letters where you identify three and four letter words from. As you progress, the number of scrambled letters increases up to seven and the number of word possibilities increasing accordingly.

I gave it a test drive on the AT&T Fuze and found it entertaining and very addictive. You can play the game on a touch screen by tapping on the letters or dragging them to the entry field. However, the keyboard is easier to use especially when your up against the clock. On-screen tips are available by tapping on the goldfish and if you get stumped, the letters can be shuffled to help finding words. When all else fails, you can advance to the next series of letters after completing a portion of the current level. A trail version of Bubble Shuffle is available over at the Software Store but if you like word challenges it won't take long before you add it to your cart.