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When it comes to cases, especially with today’s much classier looking phones, I’m not a big fan. Why cover up something that looks so great?

Well there are exceptions to everything and the Body Glove case for the Focus 2 (review) is one of them. As many of you know, I use the Focus 2 fairly regularly (though I exchange it with the Titan II and Lumia 900 often). It’s a great sized device, brilliant screen, fast and gets good battery life. Plus I like white, glossy phones. You can read more on my impressions here.

So why cover it up? Sometimes even I like a rugged phone and the Body Glove case is just excellent. For one, it fits very well for the device, a staple of all Body Glove cases from my experience. The holes are cut out very accurately, it’s not too thick, and it covers the important areas.

The back of the cover is smooth and flat making it ideal for surfaces (it won’t slide) and the sides have a grip texture to them, making it feel very secure in your hands. But due to the design, it’s very easy for sliding in and out of your pocket. Combined with the already small nature of the Focus 2 (it has a 4” screen) and the combo is a no brainer for carrying around....

While I normally dislike covering up my glossy white phones, the Body Glove case actually looks pretty great on the Focus 2—it adds a nice black border that contrasts nicely.

The Body Glove cases fetches for $18-25 and you can find it your local AT&T store. It’s easily one of my favorite cases as I literally feel like I can toss the Focus 2 around onto a table, couch or whatever and not have to worry about it. For that, I highly recommend it. You can view the case online at the Body Glove store.

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