Ran across an interesting application over at FuzeMobility the other day that might be of interest to all our sports nuts in the crowd. GetSportz is a freeware application that allows you to track all your favorite scores, schedules, and standings. Covering everything from the NFL to NCAA, from basketball to baseball to golf, GetSportz covers the wide world of sports really well. To see how well, follow the break for our experiences with GetSportz as well as some screen shots.

Installation wasn't difficult and not unlike any other .cab file. Once installed, the application will walk you through a few setup screens where you choose which sports you want to follow. These options can be changed as seasons change.

The home screen gives users categories from which to select and will send you to the available options for each sport. You can choose to view schedules, game previews, standings and scores. Some events will also have a "live" view that will follow the action as it happens.

Scores update periodically for the games in progress automatically in intervals as short as a minute. In testing GetsSportz on a Treo Pro, it performed well with only one issue. For some reason the application closed mysteriously. When I would open the application again, it started where it left off. As far as freeware applications, a few bugs aren't uncommon. However, if you're watching the Rays and Yankees in "live" mode you don't want to have the application crash as the winning run comes to the plate.

GetSportz is an information rich application if your a sports fanatic or simply someone who wants to keep track of the scores.