With all of the hype over cell phones and vehicles, more and more people are using (and are even required by law to use) various forms of hands free devices. On the other side of the coin though, there are times when having your phone within reach is necessary. One example in particular is the use of GPS software on your phone. We at WMExperts have done a couple of reviews recently on GPS software that is available for Windows Mobile, but how do you make use of the GPS functionality and still maintain a reasonable level of safety?

iGrip makes an array of vehicle mounts for mobile devices. The style you choose depends largely on what type of vehicle you drive and what your needs are. This review will take a look at the iGrip Universal Fit Sturdy Swivel Mount. Click on for the full review.

The two problems that I have heard with vehicle mounts are as follows. First, people complain that it doesn