A window mount for your WM phone is the easiest way to mount your phone in any car... especially if you are like me and have to move it a lot with rental cars for work. But if you are like me, you have found that not all window mounts are created equal. At around an average of $15 - $30 a pop, it can get very expensive to find that perfect mount that will not lose its suction and fall off your windshield, that does not have a support arm that annoyingly constantly pushes the buttons on the side of your phone, or to find out that it is made so poorly that it breaks in the first 3 weeks.

With my job I am on the road a lot, so I am constantly in rental cars with my PPC-6800 guiding me with my GPS, so finding that perfect window mount that can put up with some of the abuse of being moved from car to car frequently, has been a goal of mine for some time. Well, after years of experience with several examples of how a good window mount should not be made, I have found one that I absolutely love. In this review I will share with you the little reasons that add up to a very successful iGrip Universal Flexible Window Mount.

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Even though it is mostly made of plastic, the Igrip Universal Mount is built solidly. The release mechanism seems solid and does not do that shotgun fast release that sounds like it is going to break into pieces with the impact of releasing the arms that hold the phone in place. The flexible neck is firm but can still easily be adjusted as needed. There are four foam pads on on the face of the mount plate to protect your phone from scraping plastic on plastic. It also has really thick foam pads on each arm that securely holds the phone in place, but there is more information on these below. The large 2.76