Online TVx Mobile is a streaming television viewer for your Windows Phone that offers 800+ television channels from various countries.  All streamed to your Windows Phone.

Installation of the Online TVx was simple and navigation straight forward. On the main screen you have two options, Channel and Menu. The Menu pulls up your settings, updates (channels and programming) and viewing options.  Channels can be viewed vertically, horizontally, compressed or at full screen.  The Channel option pulls up your television channel listing. 

You can filter the channels to a specific country and/or interest. The application has over 800 channels so the filter helps narrow things down. The one thing that stood out amongst the channel listings is the number of adult oriented (porn) channels. Should a need arise to filter out the adult channels, you can do so in the Settings Menu.

In taking TVx out for a test drive, the application had some stability issues. At times the application struggled to load and some of the channels generated error messages. Many of the U.S. news stations pulled up weather cams instead of regular programming.

I liked the layout of Online TVx but there were just too many glitches in viewing programs and, not to sound too prudish, the amount of adult channels became distracting.  I did find that when things worked, the channels came in clear and the streaming was smooth. You do have a generous selection of stations but the content seemed lacking.

Online TVx has potential but there's still a lot of work to be done with regards to channel and content quality as well as application stability. As is, SPB TV might be a more stable alternative and with TVx running $14.95 a more economical alternative as well.  You can check out Online TVx yourself at