No, we're not talking about the hit song from Golden Earring but instead a beta application from Gudensoft that brings the weather radar to your Windows Mobile phone. RadarLove taps into U.S. Radar sites and brings that imagery to your Windows Mobile touchscreen phone. The settings allow you to switch between radar locations and adjust the details of the map, transparency of the radar image and loop speed.

There wasn't much rain in the area so I traveled down to Florida to see how well RadarLove picked up on the precipitation that was moving through the Sunshine State. The application ran very smoothly for a Beta with no hiccups, stalls or freezes experienced. The image transparency needs a little work shading the map area more than I'd like. The map can be zoomed in by using the directional pad on your phone, tapping the screen or through a bottom pull-up menu. The pull-up menu or d-pad was the best method to zoom in/out. Tapping was a touch temperamental with the map zooming in two steps off one tap.

RadarLove is a simple, free beta application that might come in handy if you need to check out the local weather radar. The radar sites are limited to only U.S. sites but that may change as this application develops. You can download the .cab file directly from here or go to Gudensoft's website.  Now if I can only get that song out of my head!