As the weather gets warmer, you may realize those shorts have gotten a little snug over the winter. It is almost a right of Spring to see walking tracks, gyms and other exercise venues become more populated. But how effective is your workout? If your exercise routine involves covering distances (bicycling, running, skating, etc.) RNS Calorie GPS by Ranosoft might be of help.

RNS Calorie GPS uses your Windows Mobile phone's GPS to measure distance traveled (along with a few other readings) and with some user defined factors (type of activity, body weight, terrain, etc.) Calorie GPS will let you know how many calories your burning.

One caveat, make sure you turn Calorie GPS off before getting into your car to drive home. When I checked the "calorie-o-meter" at a stop sign, I was burning almost 600 calories per hour!  It does take a bit for the "calorie-o-meter" to adjust itself, after pulling into the driveway and getting inside the house I was still burning several hundred calories per hour just sitting in the lazy boy (shame that couldn't be true). 

Calorie GPS has a ten day trial period and does require a WM phone with GPS Receiver (internal or external).