SPB Software has developed outstanding software titles over the years including Mobile Shell, SPB TV, and SPB Traveler. They are now offering language learning aids in the SPB Cards series. The Windows Phone application presents users with a series of flash cards with bi-lingual interpretations.  Languages include Chinese, Dutch, French and several others.  We took the Spanish version out for a test drive to see how well this SPB app holds up.

The application is presented in a simple, straightforward manner and includes over 1,000 words from 65 plus categories. The home screen is where you'll find the categories laid out in a tile fashion. Tap on the category tile and the flash cards appear.

The flash card is presented with a picture of the object and the spelling of the word in your native language. In tapping the picture, the card is rotated to reveal the foreign spelling of the word and an audible pronunciation. If you need the pronunciation repeated, you can tap on the speaker icon.

SPB Spanish Cards also keeps track of the cards you've mastered. On each turn, you choose "I didn't know" or "I knew". If you knew the pronunciation, the card is removed from the rotation. If you got it wrong, the card remains in place.

In giving SPB Spanish Cards a try, I found it to be a very stable application and represented SPB Software extremely well. Spanish Cards presented the language in a thorough, illustrative manner.

You can pick up SPB Spanish Cards over the WMExperts.com Software store for $9.95 as well as SPB Cards for the other languages.  If you're learning a new language and need a training aid or simply want to learn a few words of a foreign language, SPB's language cards are worth strong consideration.