This week we will be delving into the world of security with a comparison of several remote lock/wipe platforms for Windows Mobile. First up for Review is Sprite Terminator. We're also going to take a look at Warden and mSafe. Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments!

What is your data worth? What is the worst case scenario if your data is stolen? These are the questions often asked by security experts. Ask yourself, how bad would it be if my phone got stolen? Do I have bank accounts or social security numbers? Is there proprietary information on my memory card? What would I do if my phone was stolen?

Sprite Software is well known in the Windows Mobile world for Sprite Backup, one of the premier backup solutions for Windows Mobile. A quick browse through their website shows that their focus is on utilities for data protection. Their Terminator software is designed to assist you in the event of your phone getting lost or stolen. What does it do? Keep reading to find out.


Sprite provides a simple setup wizard to configure Terminator. The first step is to define a password that will be used to authenticate any incoming commands or for configuration changes. This password is separate from the device lock password. Options to message a