Whip2Snap is a new screen capture application for Windows Mobile ideal for those "button limited" devices. Developed by Erwin Ried, the application utilizes the Windows Phone's accelerometer to trigger the capture.

Whip2Snap supports saving images to your storage card and can save images in .png, .jpeg, .gif, and .bmp formats. You can choose to have a confirmation windows appear when the screen shot is saved as well as have a whipping sound play as you capture the screen shots.

The application requires Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 and is compatible with the HTC Touch Diamond, Touch Diamond 2, Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2, HD, HD2 and Samsung Omnia i900.

In trying Whip2Snap on the Tilt 2, it was a little challenging to get the "whip" action just right to trigger the capture. At first I tried to simulate the cracking of a bull whip and almost lost my grip on the phone (which would have sent it clear across the room). The best way is to hold the phone, front facing you, and gently shake it 2-3 times left to right. It doesn't take an intense shake, just enough to move the accelerometer from side to side.

If you're in need of a screen capture application and have limited resources to map buttons, Whip2Snap is definitely something to consider. It's a free download and can be found here.