To fight off the inevitable, RIM is looking to expand into security services to other mobile platforms which they hope will add some much needed cash to their dwindling reserves. The service, called Mobile Fusion, is expected to launch in Q1 on iOS and Android. Citing security concerns and their robust history of delivering device management via their NOC servers, RIM is looking for a new angle in the mobile industry. The new service will allow "...corporate IT staff to set and monitor rules for passwords, apps and software on a range of devices" and will also add remote find, lock and erase features.

"We will take full advantage of whatever security capabilities are provided by the core operating system. We're not going to hold that back in any way, shape or form."

Windows Phone is currently not on their plans for support, but they do note that if there is enough demand, they will certainly consider adding Windows Phone. That's fine for RIM and we're glad they're moving beyond smartphones, which is clearly not their forte anymore. But do we really need their services? We suppose from an IT perspective, if they can control iPhones, Androids and Windows Phone with all the same "switch" that my be a good sell, but obviously Windows Phone has a lot of this already built in via the Find My Phone feature. private Marketplace for app distribution and Exchange support.

So RIM, thanks but no thanks for reinventing the wheel. Still, Windows Phones does need beefier security (device encryption, etc.) which RIM can't fix as it's too deep in the OS. So Microsoft, we're looking at you.

Source: Reuters