The "announces" in the title is industry code for "It's not available yet." But later this year RIM is going to release software for Windows Mobile devices that give them Blackberry capabilities. More than the already-available (for some devices) Blackberry Connect software, the new stuff will actually make your WM6 device into a virtual Blackberry, interface and all. PC World writes:

The software will appear as an icon on the screen of a smartphone and will have the same interface as a BlackBerry. Users will be able to toggle between the Windows Mobile and BlackBerry interfaces, the company said.

Sadly, more details aren't yet available, but USA Today offers this tidbit:

RIM said it was unknown whether there would be a charge to download the software, or if it might come free with a subscription to BlackBerry service, [...] Jim Balsillie, RIM's co-chief executive, said the company's corporate clients made it clear that they would prefer to standardize around a single mobile e-mail platform, but not be confined to BlackBerry devices, "which seemingly was a paradox."

It's not a "paradox" to me. With slim and sexy handsets getting made for Windows Mobile seemingly day, it's easy to imagine. What is a paradox to me is why they're going through the effort of making an entire interface rather than using what WM already has. Now, I know a few people who dislike WM's interface, but is it so bad that it needs to get replaced? With the Blackberry interface?

Also, has anybody told these executives that, ah, they probably already have an Exchange server that supports push email with no extra fees? Or that RIM's email sometimes, er, fails completely?