Well now, it looks like a defector from WinMo to iPhone (full disclosure: I myself use both right now) has taken issue with a certain line from my Treo 800w Review:

And finally we have the top of the device featuring the silence switch. I’ll point out to my iPhone using friends (and, yes, my own alter ego) that this is a proper ringer switch, not the bollocks that you’ll find on the iPhone. When you enable the ringer switch on a Treo, the external speaker is silent, period, whether you’re getting an SMS or playing a game or having an alarm go off. That’s how it’s supposed to be, folks, and that’s how it works on the 800w.

Bearxor (a frequent poster at PPCGeeks) is contending that the ringer switch on the Treo is “dumb” and the switch on the iPhone is “smart” because, well, if you're playing music, you want to hear music, regardless of the ringer switch. Ditto alarms -- if you set an alarm, you darn well want to have it wake you up, ringer switch be damned.

Reasonable people can disagree, of course, and Bearxor is right when he writes that “There’s just no such thing as a ‘proper ringer switch’ though.” Fair enough, I shouldn't have called the iPhone's “bollocks.” On the other hand, I still prefer the Treo's ringer switch behavior to the iPhone's. I don't think it's “dumb” at all. I just think it's better for pocket usage. When I reach into my pocket and set the ringer switch to vibrate, I want an iron-clad guarantee that it's never going to make noise. If I want to watch movies or listen to music through the external speaker, I don't mind switching the ringer back to “on.”

How 'bout you, though? Which do you prefer: the Treo's “Silence all” behavior or the iPhone's “Silence the stuff we figure you want to silence and leave the rest on” behavior?