Fans of the classic Killer Instinct fighting game franchise will be happy to know that one of its most popular characters, the cyborg-dinosaur hybrid, Riptor, is returning in Killer Instinct: Season 2, the revamped version of the series for Microsoft's Xbox One console.

Developer Iron Galaxy will release Riptor for owners of the Killer Instinct Season 2 Ultra Edition on Wednesday, December 17, while owners of the Combo Edition will get the same chance on December 23. Here's a quick description of her.

"Almost every single one of her moves has come back intact with the exact same inputs that she had before. It's Riptor. She's an updated version of the original character. She's amazing. But, all of her moves are back, her charges, her headbutts, her tail flips, her fire breathing options. Arguably, she's easier to play. That was a big goal of ours, to make sure that she's intuitive, that you can get into it and get a lot done without needing a lot of technical skills, which is why we limit the kinds of inputs you can do in the game. There's no 360 degree motions, not a lot of dragon punch motions and things like that. We want to make sure that in each season that there's one, if not two characters, that are approachable and really easy to get into and manipulate, and Riptor sort of fits the bill for this season."

You can check out a trailer of Riptor in action, but stay tuned for the end as there's a mysterious teaser for the next character that will be added to Killer Instinct Season 2.