Although Microsoft has said the 15th was not "Mango day" (whatever that was suppose to mean), they continue to publish updates to their Xbox LIVE catalog. Yesterday was Rocket Riot and today we have Rise of Glory (review), the World War I era bi-plane fighter game. Ironically, this was the very game Microsoft used to demonstrate Mango muti-tasking back in February at Mobile World Congress, so it's only fitting we see it come out ahead of the pack.

The new version of course supports fast resume, meaning if you accidentally or purposefully hit the Windows key mid game, going back in you'll be greeted with a pause screen, where you can Continue, Calibrate, Extit to Menu or Exit Game. On top of that, you now get the 60 FPS boost and on this game...totally rocks. Maybe it's just because we haven't played it in awhile, but the propeller movement is exceptionally detailed.

Anyways, it's nice to see Microsoft continue to update their catalog. Our own Paul Acevedo has reached out to the devs of Rise of Glory to see if there are any other fixes or new features and we will update this post if we hear back. Grab the update here.

Thanks, Ken and @BinaerJongleur, for the heads up!