When the Rise of Glory version 1.2 update (which fixed the game’s broken Xbox Live Achievements) landed a few months ago, we mentioned that Revo Solutions had a more significant Mango update in the works. That update arrived today, skipping a version number and going straight to 1.4.

Rise of Glory version 1.4 Mango update release notes

  • Increased frame rate from 30fps to 60fps
  • Fully supports Fast App Switching
  • Added the ability to set the menu music as the phone's ringtone via the sound options screen
  • Various small fixes - Achievements are now localized correctly within the game and there should be no more unlock issues.
  • Support for background music has been greatly improved. The game will no longer shut down the music you are playing.
  • Added live tile functionality: 
  1. The main game tile will show the progression in the campaign
  2. You can pin a secondary tile to start which will directly start a custom match with a set of options you have picked in the 'Create custom game' screen.

That is a lot for one update. Improved frame rate, a ring tone, and double live tile action. We couldn’t ask for much more besides multiplayer support, which of course Microsoft isn’t allowing just yet. For more details on Rise of Glory, check out our full review.

Rise of Glory costs $2.99 and there is a free trial. Fly over here to the Marketplace to get it.