We have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of these posts for now on, but to start off, the Xbox LIVE game Rocket Riot (review), just hit v1.3 and in turn, is now Mango-fied (dun dun dun). (For the record, Flowerz was the first Mango Xbox LIVE game).

That's good for that game as we ended up hitting our capacitive screen buttons often with this one, forcing the game to quit. That's not a lot of fun, but now with fast-app switching, problem solved! Oh and now we supposedly get 60FPS over the traditional 30 for Xbox games and indeed, the game looks extra smooth now--nice.

We heard of a v1.3 update way back in May, where we reported this will also fix the game's handling of Achievements, amongst other things. If you got Mango already, get the game here.

Thanks, @BinaerJongleur, for the tip!