Microsoft's 2010 Rockstar Award winners received an unexpected surprise to go along with their trophy and prize check, a Windows Phone 7 developers device. The Rockstar Award is presented to a student team that developed the most compelling Windows Phone 7 application for the Imagine Cup 2010.

Team Beastware, Advanced Technologies Academy (a high school in Vegas) students Christian Hood and Eric Lo (ages 17 and 16 respectively), took the prize and are one of the first non-Microsoft developers to get Windows Phone 7 devices.

The winning app, Droid Assault, is a 2D XNA framework based game that uses the phone's accelerometer (simulated for the PC by using a Wii controller) for navigation and you fly through space shooting down enemy ships and dodging their bombs. 

A total of 131 teams submitted apps for consideration and you can find a list of the runner's up here.  Team Beastware plans on fine tuning Droid Assault and release in on the Windows Marketplace once Windows Phone 7 hits the market. 

Oh and to make you even more jealous of the situation, we've heard that Microsoft is giving the Imagination Cup participants (about 400) complimentary Windows Phone 7 devices when they become available.

Follow the break to see a short interview of the winning team as well as a demo of the game.