Rogers Samsung ATIV S listed on Future Shop

Despite being one of the first Windows Phone 8 devices we saw unveiled the ATIV S has still managed to arrive the late to the Windows Phone 8 launch line up.

The device has plenty of people interested in its 4.8” AMOLED screen, slender body and expandable base memory but where can one be ordered from? Future Shop seem like they might be able to offer some help to lucky Canadians who don’t mind signing up for a three year contract to nab a device for $50.

Here in the UK we’re not advanced or hip enough to be favouring three year agreements but we understand it’s all the rage in Canada. If you’re not too keen on signing up to a three year deal we understand they can hook you up in store with some other less fashionable airtime arrangements.

Here is what they have say:

"This unit is not available for sale online. New in-store activation required on a three year plan with eligible packages in order to purchase this unit at the listed price. 2 year, 1 year and month to month pricing is available in-store. Some conditions apply. See in store for details. This is a listing for the product WebID 10230120.**Please Note: The service provider may charge activation and other fees. Contact the service provider for more details."

Good news that the ATIV S is finally making more appearances for pre-orders and retailers globally are stocking them. For a while there we were starting to think that Samsung didn’t have much interest in making their next generation Windows Phone 8 handsets available to the public.

Windows Phone 8 looks absolutely stunning when running on this 4.8” screen and we’re sure there will be plenty of takers.  Now if only Samsung and its partners would hurry up and get them into the channel we’d be all the happier.

Source: Future Shop; thanks to Shane for the tip!