Rogers has earned themselves some angst from potential customers who want to pick up the new Nokia Lumia 920.  Between making unofficial/official announcements of selling the device (even boldly proclaiming to be the “first” like a child on the internet), they so far have failed to deliver. Stock is barely existent and when it can be found, customers get one choice of color: matte black. That’s especially bad since we all know the 920 comes in many more options.

Peeking at Nokia’s servers though through the Navifirm software tells another story: Rogers may be getting yellow too. It’s common practice for Nokia to have slightly different firmware for various colors, even though at their core they are the same package.  For instance, the AT&T version of the firmware (1242.1001) has all five colors listed correctly and it would seem to be the same for Rogers (1242.1002).

The next obvious question though is when?

Seeing as Rogers has yet to announce anything we’re betting the hold up here is Nokia who seem to have some trouble getting those much-coveted yellow versions to customers. Those on AT&T know this as many have yet to receive their early pre-orders of the color, though we are now getting word that some are actually starting to ship. That means supply is very tight and most likely will be until Nokia can appropriately ramp up production in the coming weeks.

When that happens, we bet we’ll see Rogers announce this as an option.

Source: Nokia (Navifirm); via Nokia Poweruser; Thanks, a2k, for the tip