Microsoft continues to add new independent game developers to its ID@Xbox program to create games for the Xbox One and Windows 10. This week, it revealed that Rockfish Games has signed onto ID@Xbox and will bring its upcoming single-player space shooter Everspace for both platforms in 2016.

Rockfish Games is made up of team members who previously worked on the Galaxy on Fire space shooter for mobile phones. They got over $500,000 of advanced funding for Everspace through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Here's how Rockfish's Michael Schade describes the game:

"There are a lot of big-budget space games out there going for realism or massive scope... or both. So we're trying to set Everspace apart with a very distinct art style that portrays space as something vibrant and colorful. We believe that it fits perfectly alongside the focus on arcade-style combat, with intuitive controls setting us apart from space simulation games."

"Since Everspace is a roguelike title, the orbits are procedurally generated, and there's always a chance that players enter a location where they see a whole new, jaw-dropping space environment. One of the more recent influences for our colorful and vibrant art style has been the space scenes of the movie "Guardians of the Galaxy." They, too, have that hyper-real edge."

The trailer for Everspace certainly looks impressive and we look forward to seeing more of the game before it is released next year.

Source: Xbox Wire

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