Over at TreoCentral, Jennifer Chappell has posted up her final review of the HTC Fuze, definitely head over there and give it a read. You can comment over on the related thread for a chance at a Treo Pro. Or you can comment here for a chance at the Fuze. Or heck: do both, we don't mind.

Meanwhile, the Fuze has moved on in our merry little chain and is now in the hands of Casey Chan of Android Central. He's brand new to Windows Mobile and, well, we all know that WM can be a little overwhelimg to new users. So head on over to his thread in our Fuze forums and show him the way.

Lastly, you might also be interested in what's coming next for WMExperts. You can check the Round Robin update page and see from our handy-dandy grid that, yes, we're rocking the iPhone. Feel free to hit up the TiPb Forum thread on that very subject.

One last programming note while we're on the subject: our very own WMExperts podcast is going up tomorrow, then will have a bit of a hiatus because of the Thanksgiving holiday. to make up for it, though, we'll be recoding two Smartphone Round Robin podcasts in the month of December and slapping them into all of our SPE podcasts feeds, so stay tuned!