This is probably bad news for most of us, though potentially good news if you don't like, uh, the continuation of the species. posts up a big list of studies showing a linkage between cell phone use and male fertility. The evidence for this seems to be a bit clearer than the evidence for brain damage from cell phones, but I Am Not A Scientist, so what do I know?

Apparently the effects come for men who "used their cell phone for more than 4 hours per day." Here's the Windows Mobile connection for me: WM's mulitasking makes it so freaking simple for me to be downloading emails, surfing the web, letting my weather app auto-update, check traffic, etc etc.. Add all that time up and my device is probably getting information from the interwebs for over 4 hours a day easy. I expect that data usage puts out a similar amount of radiation, so are we data-centric power users just as much at risk as the gabbers? ....eek.

One third of infertility cases go unexplained and in the coming weeks, a leading infertility journal, "Fertility and Sterility", will be publishing a full report by Cleveland Clinic researchers, that blames cell phones for the problem.

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